Add New Pinterest Follow Me Button To WordPress

If you want to share your Pinterest pins with visitors on your WordPress website you should consider using the new Pinterest Follow Me Button. Pinterest offers many custom options for you to use on your small business website such as banners that display pin images. But I think the Follow Me Button is a good example to use because a website’s real estate is so valuable. It is small and branded.

Below are a couple of ways you can add the button to your WordPress website. This first is the straight out of the box method.

First, you need to make the button using the link below.

Click here to use the Pinterest Follow Me Button Tool.

  1. Enter your Pinterest URL into the URL field.
  2. Give the button a name.
  3. Click the “Build It” button.
  4. Copy snippet of code for your website. Viola! Half Way there. Now you need to add it to your website.

It will generate a code snippet that looks like this:

<a data-pin-do="buttonFollow" href=""></a>
<!-- Please call pinit.js only once per page -->
<script type="text/javascript" async src="//"></script>

If you want to use this button once per page like it suggests then just use the snippet and plop it into the page where you want it.

Now lets say you want to add this button anytime anywhere. For advanced WordPress users we can make this easy. We just need to get around duplicating the inclusion of the Pinterest JavaScript script link. We can achieve this by adding the JavaScript script link to the WordPress header. You can then freely place the button anywhere on your site at will. That includes posts, widgets, pages, etc.

First, add the below snippet of code to your functions.php file.

add_action('wp_head', 'pinterest_follow_button');

function pinterest_follow_button(){
	echo '<script src="//" async=""></script>';

And then add this code snippet wherever you want it to show up on your WordPress website.

<a href="" data-pin-do="buttonFollow"></a>

And now you have flexibility with your social Pinterest button. You can also apply this trick to many other elements you add to your website when a script is involved.